St Saviour Chalk Farm

Lectio Divina

Weekly Bible Study Group

This study group, meets weekly on Tuesday mornings 10-11am.  It is loosely based on the early monastic practice of Lectio Divina. It is shared between St Saviour’s and St Peter’s, alternating month by month between the two churches. 
It is also open to people from other congregations and denominations.

We jointly select a whole book of the Bible to study in short passages. 
Each of us prepares in different ways for the group: some consult commentaries and scholarly writings, others prepare by formulating the questions the text raises for them, perhaps noting
their reactions of disagreement, disapproval or lack of understanding.

Within the hour we move from prayer, reading the passage aloud, silent meditation and discussion,
ending with prayer.

Perhaps because of the slow pace, we find ourselves remembering what has struck us from the text and can allow God to help us to make changes in what we think and do. 
Risking ourselves talking about our faith with each other in the group may also help us to become more open and less self-conscious about sharing our faith with others.

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