Giving to St Saviour's

Giving to St Saviour Chalk Farm

We welcome your donations in support of St Saviour, Chalk Farm.
We are reliant on personal giving to make our ministry possible.
And as the Covid19 pandemic takes away other income sources – the hiring of the church, events, collections at services – so we are even more reliant on personal giving by other means.

Please consider donating to the following causes:

Support the work of St Saviour’s Church, Chalk Farm – Please contribute to the upkeep of St Saviour’s.
This is not only about the maintenance and functioning of the church building, although that is important.
It is about realising our mission commitment “to live our faith in Jesus Christ through worship, by welcoming all, and by sharing the love of God with the wider community”

Support our Children’s Ministry – We are blessed by having Father Petrica Bistran as our Children’s Minister.
We are committed to meeting the cost of his ministry - essentially his housing costs, about £1,400 per month (£16,800 per year) - until the summer of 2022 when he finishes his art course at the University of Arts, London.
So far St Saviour’s and St Peter’s have raised £27,500, about half the total sum needed; and we now invite donations to reduce the shortfall that otherwise will have to be met by the limited funds of the two churches.
Please do help in supporting our Children’s Ministry.