Public Worship Suspended

23rd March 2020

Owing to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus the Bishops of London, Southwark and Chelmsford have issued a new instruction this afternoon. For the first time in its history the Church of England is now keeping its church buildings closed. Thank you to those who visited St Saviour’s and St Peter’s for prayer today. We must now adapt to become a mutually supportive network by phone and email, and for the foreseeable future I will aim to live- stream some worship and reflection Sunday by Sunday. I will send you information when practical details of this can be worked out – it will come from St Saviour’s, which I am permitted to enter as it is next door to me.

We have a lighted candle burning in our window this evening to mark this day of prayer for the pandemic. Let’s keep the light of Christ and the hope of Easter in our hearts and minds to dispel our fears in these troubled times. We will keep in touch!

Stay safe and keep well.
God bless you,