Christian Formation & Education

Participation in Worship

Lay participation is encouraged at St Saviour's in a variety of ways, through welcoming, stewarding, reading and leading intercessions.

Children from the age of eight who are willing are trained to serve as acolytes - bearing candles or the processional cross in the Eucharist.

First Communion

St Saviour's Church now prepares children aged 8 and over to receive Holy Communion prior to Confirmation, if their parents and the children themselves wish it. The first stream of children were prepared in a series of 6 classes, and were formally admitted to Communion at the Parish Eucharist on the 4th Sunday of Easter - April 21st 2013.

Preparation for Confirmation

Preparation for adults wishing to be confirmed (and baptised - if they have not received baptism)has previously started with 'Tokens of Trust' (see below) and then moved to more focussed personal consideration.

For children seeking confirmation, separate preparation is offered if, after discussion with parents, this seems appropriate.


Lent Courses 2015

This year, St Saviour's is offering - with its sister church, St Peter's, Belsize Park - three possible courses for study, each opening a different facet of imformation, devotion and reflection suitable for this season. Together they span the weeks before and during Lent up to Holy Week.

  • Parables of Resurrection A study of the last four Plays of William Shakespeare These sessions are on Thursdays at 8pm, weekly from 12th February to 5th March, at the home of a member of St Peter's Church - for information contact Fr. Paul
  • Pilgrim Course: 'Turning to Christ' A Church of England introduction to Christian Faith and Baptism  At St Saviour's (enter by Eton Villas gate and door) Tuesdays 24th Feb and 3rd March, and Thursdays 12th to 26th March - all at 7.30pm
  • Joint Study Group with Belsize Square Synagogue: 'Our Seasonal Holy Days' We join with our Jewish neighbours to be mutually informed about our Faith traditions. Alternating venues at St Peter's, Belsize Square and Belsize Square Synagogue - each Tuesday at 7.30pm from 10th to 31st March, starting at St Peter's on 10th

Tokens of Trust - exploring Christian Faith

This course was our main Initiation Programme for some years, and is still available. A Power-point presentation with discussions, based on the book 'Tokens of Trust' – An introduction to Christian belief by Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury), it examines some of the main claims of the Christian Creeds from a broad contemporary perspective.

We present a digest of Williams' book over six sessions to make it possible for people with or without a religious background to consider, without any pressure to come to church, what Christian Faith can mean to people who follow it. Equally, it  invites questions from any who have been ‘turned off’ Christianity, to explore possible answers.


For queries on any of the above please ring 07971 223764